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Why is a House a Home?


When looking at a home what comes to mind first? Many people would start describing house with windows, walls, doors, floors, your roof, and a loving family in. This may not always be so though. Like many other words while in the English language, home can have lots of meanings. 

There are also many contributing factors as to why people think of a home as they quite simply do. The biggest factor that affects someone’s thoughts of thats a home is, is how they were raised. This would include their surrounding ecosystem, family, friends, and how either their biological dad and mom or whoever was a parent figure for their life brought them up.

When looking at a home many people say site is key. Location can determine several things. For one, it could change the meaning of a home if you’re. People who live a poor lifestyle moneywise have got a different idea as someone who lives middle class lifestyle and even more different from someone who lives your higher-class lifestyle.

This means that all three of their total ideas of home are different, not only because of the class status but also because every one of these lifestyles have different environments that the individuals encounter. For someone of a higher status their home are sometimes a room in their house they enjoy passing time in, for someone of a poor class their home may be spending time away from them actual house and either outside somewhere or where they find peace with themselves.

Another huge contributor to what people think real estate is would be their friends and relations. Someone who lives with a healthy and loving family is more likely say that a home directly to them would be with their family or even just in their actual house usually. But, someone who lives in an unhealthy living situation utilizing their family, whether it be abusive or just not a good living situation, may say that home is not where they actually live. 

This is where friends would also play an important role. When someone is uncomfortable at home they can look to their friends as the closest thing plants a family. So this means than a home to them may be passing time with their friends or even a person’s actual home.

Lastly, the third biggest factor is how the person was raised. When looking at a family people usually think of your typical family, a father, a mother and some children, but this is not the case for many families these days. The definition of a family has changed in the years. This generation is a much more accepting for a family to often be one parent, two moms, or not one but two dads. Being raised by not so typical family types may change a person’s thoughts of a dwelling. They may have different views, which give them all different ideas of thats a home is. Some of them may be raised inside of a too strict home and consider home being a friend’s where their parents are few strict. 

Or they may be raised inside of a loud home so where they feel at home should be a quiet place. All these different living situations develop how someone feels about what and where they feel at your house most.

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