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Home Staging for a Career – What Is the Average Salary for your Home Stager?


You’ve probably seen pictures of staged homes in housing and weekend newspaper house and backyard garden sections. The rooms look perfect, agreeable, and emotionally neutral.

Creative staging with a few bedroom furniture and decorations can help prospective buyers envision a property as their home, filled with its belongings.

What is Home Staging?

Home stagers are folks that prepare a residence for sale or rent by defining it as appear attractive and appealing to likely buyers.

Staging may be a simple process of rearranging a few bedroom furniture to maximize space and improve a flow of traffic from room so that you can room. Or, it may be tricky, requiring many steps to make a property more presentable and sell- or rentable.

Do you know of that instinct for decorating and adding things just so? Perhaps you should put your decorating instinct and talents to your workplace as a home stager.

Education for property Stager

There is no mandatory licensing or formal education requirements being a home stager. However, many professional stagers (and some brokers) have taken courses, completed certificate programs and/or home planning degrees to learn the fundamentals of home planning, decorating, color schemes, window treatments, plus furniture placement.

Building a Home Hosting Career

Home staging was listed as “one of the highest quality jobs for 2013 and beyond. inches

However, becoming a full time stager will not be necessarily a fast process. It may take a stager several years to grow sufficient skills, experience, clientele and a stable full time salary as an independent entrepreneur. Some stagers work with large housing agencies, setting the stage for dwelling showings and open houses. Others seek advise from construction companies and modular home brands.

Staging is a deadline-driven business that requires the stager youngster should be quickly “see” or envision a taking place home before work has even in progress. Stagers must be mobile and flexible as clients’ needs may appear on very short notice.

A home stager’s income is based on, in part, on location. An average salary may range out of $50 – $150 per hour (while using Accredited Staging Professionals). The Bureau of Labor Statistics prospect lists a stager’s average earnings per job as $75 for your consultation and $500 per house.

Higher incomes are merely in areas where there is higher in price real estate (on either coast and in larger towns, cities). Home stagers on the east and also west coast are reported as charging $250+ each hour. Hourly job rates in more rural areas is usually as modest as $30 per hour.

The additional value of Staging

The value or Roi (ROI) should not often be underestimated. Industry observers have published experiments showing that:

Staged homes, on ordinary, sell between 50 – 80% faster than homes that happen to be not staged.

Staged homes generally sell for above unstaged homes – by about 7%.

Buyers are inclined to decide within 15 seconds of first seeing a property whether they will have continued affinity for viewing the house.

To be real estate stager is to creatively reinvent the appearance of a home to help prospective buyers be aware of the excellent qualities of a property and then to help the seller realize the most advantageous out the door cost possible.

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