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8 Tricks to Hiring the Right Home Stager



First impressions are important for you to impress buyers. You want to help your house be look warm, inviting, and stylish. Hiring your house stager makes your home more irresistible to buyers. Staging your home means that your particular home will sell quicker at a better selling price.

In fact, according on the National Association of Realtors, staged residences sell 80% quicker, and for approximately 11% more money than non-staged components.

Here are some things to seek out when hiring a home stager:

1) Find someone you really feel comfortable with. Are they easy to speak with? Ask them why they feel the suggestions given will make any difference for you. Do you feel self-assured about their abilities? Rapport is critical. You want someone who is quiet, confident, and easy to work using. Don’t be afraid to interview several people till you find the proper one.

2) Schedule a Jobsite set ups Consultation or Quote. During a staging consultation the household stager will go through every room in your home offering suggestions of what needs to get minimized, decluttered or in some circumstances renovated. A home staging quote is good for the physical staging of a vacant or occupied property, these are typically homes that do not require a great deal of preparation prior to selling. In an occupied property (if rentals are essential) it can usually be tied in while using consultation. 

If you are living in your own home during the sale process or if you need to know what types of things should be updated or renovated prior to listing your own home, a Staging consultation is definitely the option to go. Based on their expertise from the market and your community, the staging company will disclose ways to improve the saleability in your home in the priority areas, while keeping within a budget to maximize your Revenue.

3) During a home jobsite set ups consultation, you can ask if the property stager plans to use your active furnishings, buy new pieces, or if you will you need to rent. Keep in mind that should you be staging a vacant home you need rental furnishings. Will you have for you to paint or get new carpet? Can they redesign your home to experience a fresh look using existing pieces you’ve got? After a walk through, the home stager will create plans for what changes they will make to your dwelling.

4) What is their tactic? Ask for the typical steps they go through in a home staging. Uncover costs, timelines, and what they will certainly expect of you. Remember that cheaper is just not always better.

5) See what you will discover out about them in Google. See if you realise any good or bad reviews. What do others say regarding the home stager on Yelp or Yahoo and google Reviews? Also look what clients say about them on the website.

6) Ask for a number of references. If they have a proven reputation they won’t be shy about expressing the names of satisfied clients whom you’ll be able to contact. Call them to see what it turned out like working with them and how they felt about the standard of their work.

7) Check out and about their online portfolio. Most reputable staging companies have a portfolio on their website that one could review before making an appointment. Seeing before/after pictures of the work they do gives you an idea about their skill.

8) Will they be on hand during the process? Can you wording or call them with questions? Are they super busy and hard to arrive at? What is the best way to contact them during this process?

Janet Voth is the owner of Designing Spacez, and as head designer she happily holds the accredited title of “CRSS” Canadian Real estate property Staging Specialist.

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