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5 Biggest Home Staging Mistakes That Affect Sale

5 Biggest-Home-Staging-Mistakes-That-Can-Affect-Sale

 Are you putting your house Sale? As I’m sure you’re aware, first impressions are important to prospective buyers.

From the time people walk in, they start picking a choice about your home and what it will look like if they lived generally there.

So how can you make your own home an inviting space that buyers enjoy? The answer is home staging.

You will find there’s big difference between a staged home and one that is available that hasn’t been staged.

Here are many of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when selling a home without the benefits involving staging.

Cluttered Space

Clutter gives the buyer a feeling there’s not enough storage space in the property. So it’s really important to put away unneeded items if you are showing your home.

Everything from counter tops and tables for you to bedrooms and even the garage should be cleared away of clutter and non needed items.

Dirt and Dust

No one would like to move into a dirty, poorly managed home. Taking the time to make every surface sparkle is very important. Bathrooms should be spotless, free involving mold, mildew and stains.

Give some extra care about the kitchen too by paying close care about the appliances, especially the fridge, waste area and cupboards.

Unpleasant Odors

One whiff of an foul smell can make a buyer turn their nose high on a home. Sometimes we are so used to the way our home smells we don’t recognize odors. Sometimes sellers try so hard to generate their home smell nice that solid candles or air fresheners can be rude to buyers too.

Making a home have a very neutral, clean scent is the best best option. Worst offenders are pet smells, musty/stale air flow, and cigarette smoke. Other offenders normally include mildew or even strong food smells including fish. If in doubt, have an associate walk through your home and supply it the sniff test.

Too Scorching or Cold

Buyers want to be aware that the home will be comfortable. For example knowing that it’s warm in the winter months and cool in the summer. Be sensitive to this and set the temperature accordingly when you find yourself showing your home. Fans can assist in keeping air flowing through the home.

In case windows are drafty, make sure for you to seal them with caulk or exchange them if budget allows. If it can be summer, keep it pleasantly cool nevertheless don’t blast the AC and get cold your buyers out. You want buyers to linger and feel in your house in the space.

Keeping it Too Dark at home

A dark and dreary home doesn’t show your possessions off in its best light. Take the time to walk through your home and see techniques add more light. Keep the lights on at home and consider adding extra spotlights as well as lamps. Make sure the windows are clean hence the sunshine comes through them.

Avoid these pitfalls when selling your own home by hiring a home staging professional that can manage all the details so you won’t need to frantically try to remember everything on this stressful time.

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